‘Risky business’: Paul Scholes says he’s unsure about Manchester United signing Harry Kane because of one man

Harry Kane is constantly being linked with a move to Manchester United at the moment, but Paul Scholes isn’t sure that the Red Devils should move for the England captain.

Speaking on the Webby & O’Neill YouTube channel, Scholes stated that he would love to see Kane at Old Trafford, but he isn’t too keen on the idea of the striker coming to Manchester United because of Daniel Levy.

As many will know, Daniel Levy is a real stringent negotiator and he has a history of messing big teams about, especially Manchester United.

Indeed, Levy was a thorn in United’s side back in 2008 when the Red Devils were trying to sign Dimitar Berbatov, and Scholes says that United may want to steer clear of Kane due to Levy.

Levy the problem
Scholes spoke about the idea of Kane coming to Old Trafford.

“The trouble with the Harry Kane thing, we’d all love Harry Kane to come, of course we would, but I think Tottenham could just string you along until the very last day, we know what Daniel Levy is like, we could put all of our eggs in one basket with Harry Kane and then get to the last day of the window and end up with nothing. You either get him early or it doesn’t happen at all,” Scholes said.

Will not be easy
Scholes is absolutely right, dealing with Daniel Levy this summer over a move for Kane will be very difficult.

Yes, Kane is entering the final year of his contract, but Tottenham’s position is very precarious right now as they are managerless and soon to be without a Sporting Director.

Spurs are a shambles behind the scenes right now, and losing Kane will only add fuel to that dumpster fire.

If United want to go after Kane, they will probably have to deal with months of frustrating talks with Levy, and that may not be worthwhile.