Report: Tottenham staff genuinely can’t believe one thing the club has done this week

What a strange and eventful week it has been at Tottenham Hotspur.

They’ve sacked their manager, lost an important player to injury and have been linked with umpteen new bosses, but still, somehow, there’s an even bigger story brewing at Spurs.

Indeed, Fabio Paratici has been banned from football by FIFA after being indicted in the ongoing accounting scandal at Juventus, and it looks as though he may have to step aside at Tottenham Hotspur.

Interestingly, this verdict came just hours after Spurs posted a video of Paratici outlining the club’s plans going forwards on their social media channels, and that video was ill-timed to say the least.

Spurs said within a club statement that the video was posted with no knowledge of the impending decision from FIFA, but those within the club seem to be telling a different story.

Indeed, according to The Athletic, sources inside Tottenham were stunned to see Spurs releasing this video with the threat of a ban hanging over Paratici’s head.

To be honest, so were we.

It’s not as though Paratici’s situation has been a secret. Fans, pundits and journalists up and down the country have been discussing it for months, so why has it seemingly come as a surprise to Tottenham? It doesn’t make much sense.

Putting Paratici in front of a camera this week after sacking Antonio Conte was seemingly a PR move that has gone horribly wrong.

It’s not as though the video was bad. Paratici spoke well, and under other circumstances it would probably have calmed the fanbase down a bit, but the timing of this video was bizarre, and it’s left those within Spurs as stunned as those on the outside looking in.