Piers Morgan calls Thomas Tuchel ’embarrassing’ for complaining about referee laughing with Real Madrid boss Carlo Ancelotti,


Piers Morgan has labelled Thomas Tuchel ’embarrassing’ after the Chelsea manager’s complaint about the referee following his side’s Champions League quarter-final knockout at Real Madrid last night.

Tuchel aired his frustration in his post-match interviews, alleging he saw match official Szymon Marciniak ‘smiling and laughing’ in discussions with Carlo Ancelotti, and accused him of choosing the ‘wrong time’ for the chat.

His evening ended on a sour note after his side’s knockout, despite them winning the second leg 3-2 after a stellar, battling performance.

And Morgan has now rubbed salt in his wounds, having taken to social media to suggest that the referee had relished in the Blues ‘choking’ in extra time.

‘Embarrassing by Tuchel,’ he wrote. ‘They were probably laughing at how badly Chelsea choked after having the game in the bag.’

Earlier in the match, the German tactician had been shown a yellow card for complaining about a decision from the touchline, and his frustration over the conduct of the referee continued late into the evening.

‘I was disappointed that the referee had a good time with my colleague Carlo Ancelotti,’ he told reporters at full-time.

‘I know Carlo Ancelotti is a gentleman and nice guy but when I wanted to say thank you for the match I see him laughing and smiling and laughing loud with the opponents coach.

‘I think this is the very, very wrong time to do this after the final whistle, 126 minutes and one team giving their heart and fighting to the very last drop and you go as a coach and see the referee smiling and laughing with the other coach.

‘I think this is very, very bad timing. I told him this.’

Tuchel also suggested that Marciniak should have checked the replays himself after Marco Alonso’s strike was ruled out for a handball in the second half, after he was instead advised by VAR official, Tomasz Kwiatkowski.

‘It’s not only today; it was like this in the first leg,’ he said, before pausing and admitting he may be punished for his criticism.

‘Maybe I get problems [if I talk]. If you play against Real Madrid, you can maybe expect that not everybody has the courage.

‘I told him I am super disappointed that he doesn’t come and check [the footage of the handball] on his own. You should stay the boss and not give the decision to someone sitting in a chair, isolated from the atmosphere.

‘He should stay in charge and check it on his own and explain it better. I thought we deserved more minutes [added on] at the end.

‘Maybe it is too much to ask for in matches like this against this opponent. Listen, we had it in our hands and we were not lucky enough.

‘We played a fantastic match, we deserved what we had, we scored four goals and we had big chances to score even more.

‘Unfortunately, we had two mistakes in crucial moments and against Real Madrid. We deserved to go through. But it was not meant to be.

‘You need luck and it was not on our side.’