Manchester City have ‘submitted best offer’ for signing – Deal ‘now shaky’ for ‘various reasons’


Erling Haaland’s chances of making a summer switch is ‘now shaky’ for ‘various reasons’ even though Manchester City have ‘long been the favourites’ to sign the striker.

That’s according to Sport1, who add the Citizens have ‘submitted the best offer so far’.

Manchester City’s proposal includes a €75m fee to BVB plus €30m in commission to both Mino Raiola and Alf-Inge Håland.

In addition to this, the 21-year-old would receive a gross salary of €30m per year and this makes the overall package cost in excess of €250m for a five-year deal.

The cost of the deal is ‘high’ for some of his suitors, including Real Madrid, and they also have sporting reasons not to invest heavily on the Norway international.

Los Blancos’ priority is to sign Kylian Mbappé in the summer and are likely to continue to bet on Karim Benzema, who has been starring for Carlo Ancelotti’s side this season.

Apart from the financial factor, Haaland’s injury record has also been a major concern for his suitors.

He has missed 29 matches and has been on the sidelines for close to 150 days since he arrived in Germany in January 2020, missing 17 games this season alone and has been injured for 96 days.

Sport1 state the frontman’s ‘susceptibility to injury is not well received’ by his potential suitors.

“The offers are actually not flying in as much as one would have expected a year ago. The problem is the susceptibility to injury. Haaland only played 40% of the games and is currently complaining of foot pain again,” says Sport1 journalist Patrick Berger.

These comments are also echoed by Berger’s Sport1 colleague, Oliver Müller. He said: “The fact that Haaland is injured in the phase in which a decision should actually be made undoubtedly plays a psychological role. This makes some people aware that you are taking a certain risk with such a mega deal.”

Haaland’s contract is until 2024 and Sport1 explained Dortmund would want known his decision on the future soon, so they also have more clarity on the situation.

Apart from these factors, a deal is further complicated due to Mino Raiola’s ‘poor health’ condition. The agent is unable to travel across Europe and at the moment, Haaland’s father, Alf-Inge, and their family friend, Ivar Eggja, have to lead the negotiations.

As it stands, Manchester City have tabled the ‘best offer’ and are the ‘favourites’ for the Norwegian’s signature.

However, the ‘deal is by no means a done deal’ due to Haaland’s poor injury record and the ‘high’ cost involved to complete the operation, and ‘that’s why the Haaland deal is shaky’.