Jurgen Klopp admits Mohamed Salah contract mistake and how he’ll avoid it with Sadio Mane


Mohamed Salah has still yet to agree a new Liverpool contract, with his current deal running out at the end of next season, and Jurgen Klopp doesn’t want to replicate the last-ditch nature with Sadio Mane

Jurgen Klopp has revealed the mistake he made over Mo Salah’s contract.

And the Liverpool boss has insisted he won’t make the same error in dealing with talk over a new deal for another of his top stars, Sadio Mane. Both players can enter into negotiations with some of Europe’s biggest clubs in January, which means that the Anfield club has just nine months to thrash out agreements with their two highest profile names.

Mane has gone under the radar in his own talks, with the focus almost completely on Salah’s prolonged, and apparently sometimes acrimonious discussions, which have prompted some barbed comments from his agent. But the Senegal star also sees his current contract expire – like Salah – in the summer of 2023, and also seems to have the same sticking points over extending his stay at Anfield.

Mane has already turned 30, which means he has arrived at the age where Liverpool are reluctant to offer massive long term contracts. Salah will be 30 in June too, which has made talks trickier than expected. It leaves the daunting prospect of losing both players if an agreement can’t be reached. But Mane showed in his outstanding match winning performance against Manchester City in the Fa Cup final at the weekend, that he is far from finished.

Klopp admitted as much ahead of the Manchester United game, praising the African star’s incredible physicality, and also insisting that he can play on well into his 30s, saying: “Yes he can…if he wants to.” But when asked about contract talks, which have also dragged on a remain a concern for Liverpool fans, Klopp admitted to making a mistake over Salah that he doesn’t want to repeat with Mane.

“It is my fault, I made a mistake talking to you about the Mo contract situation which I usually didn’t do, and it led to plenty of misunderstandings,” he said. “And you ask again (about Mane), so I go back to my former approach and close the door again, nothing to say about any kind of negotiations or something like this.

“When we have something to announce, you are definitely the first group to get the info. Until then, we just wait.” Klopp though, remains in no doubt Mane – like Salah – is dedicated and committed enough to his profession to play long into his 30s, which would reduce Liverpool worries over handing out a huge long term contract.

Speaking about his incredible physicality, he said: “The quality of Sadio we don’t really have to talk about, because it’s absolutely incredible. Obviously what happened in the last two months for him was a boost, that is clear, I’m sure you’ll find now a big election in Senegal, I am really happy for him. All the rest we will see.

“His physicality shows his dedication, yeah, and he is a talent as well. If you do the same training as Sadio – or I do – we will never look like him, it’s not possible. He is blessed, let me put it like this. He does a lot, absolutely, but he is a bit lucky as well.”