Jorginho’s agent starts to flirt with Serie A giants again


International break? That can mean only one thing. Jorginho’s agent talking to agents back in Italy about his client’s desire to return to Serie A at some point.

Joao Santos, the agent in question, has made it until the Wednesday at least this time, before opening his mouth and flirting with any team in Italy willing to open its wallet.

Get Football News Italy had the translated quotes this time, as Santos batted his eyelashes at Juventus, Milan, Roma, Napoli and Inter in particular. We can see them all being interested, but none will be able to pay like we do.

Jorginho is an important player for Thomas Tuchel at Chelsea, and we don’t see any reason why the manager wouldn’t want to keep him in the squad. But as the end of his contract gets closer, we’re likely to see more and more of this as Santos pushes for a bigger deal, either at Stamford Bridge or elsewhere.