‘I’ll tell you what I think’: Gary Lineker and Alan Shearer now disagree over 29-year-old Tottenham player

Gary Lineker and Alan Shearer have discussed Harry Kane as he prepares to enter the final year of his Tottenham contract.

Kane is currently away on international duty with England, who are preparing to kick off their Euro 2024 qualification campaign against Italy tonight.

Lineker and Shearer spoke about the Three Lions captain on the Match of the Day Top Ten show with his future about to come to a head.

Kane has a decision to make and Shearer said he expects him to break his Premier League goalscoring record of 260 all-time goals regardless.

Gary Lineker and Alan Shearer on Harry Kane
The conversation went; Shearer: “He’ll get it (the Premier League goal record). He’ll stay at Spurs, I think, stay in the Premier League and get that. He’ll have the England record, he’ll have his statue there, he’s got more goals than the great Jimmy Greaves, and he’ll have the Premier League record. That’ll be his medals.”

Lineker: “Would not winning a trophy take away from Harry Kane the footballer? When people look back at the all-time greats, they’ll say ‘he’s never won a trophy’.

Shearer: “I know what you’re saying but not for me it wouldn’t. If you look at some players who have won things, there have been some terrible players that have won a lot of things, they’ve got really lucky. Hardly ever played, been squad members, got title medals.”

Lineker: “I’ll tell you what I think, you could argue it makes him look even better. To do what he’s done in a team which has not been successful. It’s easy when you play for a team like Man City or Liverpool in recent times where they’ve bashed teams, it’s easy to score goals in good teams.

“Whereas he’s in the Tottenham side which has sometimes been competitive, and up the top of the league but they’ve not been knocking. Maybe that would count in his favour. But at the end of your career, you want to win things!”

Shearer is a Newcastle legend who had opportunities to leave for Manchester United in his career, but elected to stay put.

That did not win him any trophies in the famous black and white shirt, but he has his statue outside St James’ Park and he is adored by the fanbase.

Kane may end up being the same, but Manchester United look like his most likely destination if he does depart this summer amid more managerial uncertainty.