Harry Winks reveals which two Spurs players stay late for extra work after training


Harry Winks has revealed Joe Rodon and Harry Kane often stay behind after training has finished to continue working on various aspects of their skillset. 

Antonio Conte has been notorious in getting his teams’ levels of fitness right up, as well as drilling the players at his disposal into variations of his 3-5-2 system, with Lucas Moura admitting in November how demanding the Italian’s training sessions have been (London World).

The midfielder unsurprisingly mentioned Kane as one that continued late to improve his already immense finishing ability, while Rodon often stayed back to hone his range of passing. 

He told Spurs’ official Twitter account: “Joe Rodon is out there a lot, he works a lot on his passing onto the net after training and he stays out a bit. Harry Kane with his finishing as well, he stays out there too.”

Conte will be particularly impressed by the extra work of two Spurs players according to Winks, who have been credited in putting in more effort to improve their craft. 

Kane is an obvious one to stay behind after training and it explains why he has emerged as such a top player in the Premier League. 

But Rodon is an interesting one considering he hasn’t really featured much this season. The extra work could attract Conte’s attention going forward in terms of potentially working his way into the team.