Guardiola confirms forward ‘will be in pre-season’ for Man City – Will ‘cost more’, has ‘exceptional reports’ on player


Since Manchester City made the purchase of Julian Alvarez from River Plate, the Argentine media has been quite excited about the move, with high expectations of what the striker can do in the Premier League.

Now following the many comments from local pundits on this transfer, they finally got to get a word from Pep Guardiola.

The Manchester City manager was interviewed this week by Telemundo, and one of the many questions was obviously about the 22-year-old.

“If we signed him, it’s for us and if we signed him it’s because he has the potential to play with us, to be a scandalous ‘9’ and when he’s in front of goal he smells like a goal and the goal is worth a lot of money, and he cost money, and for what players are paid in Europe,” Guardiola told Telemundo (via Infobae).

“They saw him as an option now and as an opportunity for the future. Next year he’ll be in preseason, for sure. I learn from the players and I want to see him on the pitch, with his teammates, with what we want to do. If we were not convinced of this, we wouldn’t have signed.

“If not we’d have the money in the bank and see what we would do with it. Let’s see, from South America to Europe, it may cost more, but we have exceptional reports of the boy and in the end he has that feeling of short space, how he finishes, it is very difficult to find.”

Julian Alvarez was bought by Manchester City on a €17m fee in January and was left on loan to River Plate until June.

Initial reports from Argentina said the Buenos Aires side would have the chance to keep the player for extra six months or even over an year, but this is not the first time Guardiola claims he wants the striker in the summer.

In the start of season with the Millonario, the Manchester City loanee has five goals and two assists in 10 appearances.