Correspondent Reveals: N’Golo Kante May Consider Leaving Chelsea On A Free As Contract Enters Final Stage


Matt Law today has a piece in the Telegraph about N’Golo Kante’s future, and the Chelsea correspondent points out that it “would not represent a huge shock if Kante… decided to let his Chelsea contract run down.”

It 30s are doing, but it does create some interesting thoughts looking ahead to when his contract expires at the should be stressed that that is just speculation based on what lots of other top players entering their end of next season.

Right now, the best option for Chelsea is to do what they usually do with players who are playing well at that age – give them a one year deal each year.

But if offers arrive for Kante this summer – their last chance to get any money for the midfielder – what do they do? And what do they do if he decides he doesn’t want to sign for another year?

Given we’re still mired in issues with three of our defenders letting their contracts run down, we may well have taken our eye off the ball on this one.