Chelsea Pair Set To Get The Chance For Glorious Paris Return


The horrific scenes in Ukraine, with Russia in the middle of a full scale invasion of their neighbour, have consequences in the world of football already.

Even the usually spineless UEFA have no choice but to take the Champions League final away from Russia, and they’ve settled on Paris’ Parc des Princes as the new location.

Should Chelsea make it, they have a great opportunity to play in a great stadium, much closer to home. It will certainly give fans an easier job making the trip out to watch the game.

It also hands Thomas Tuchel and Thiago Silva an interesting opportunity to win the big trophy they could never quite manage in their time at PSG, in their old home stadium.

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves though – Paris may be closer by distance, but there remain the same immense challenges of getting there, with serious opposition along the way.