Chelsea in talks with government over FA Cup semi final ticket sales


Chelsea are in talks with the government in an attempt to secure the right to sell tickets to the FA Cup semi final.

The Blues brushed aside Middlesbrough on Sunday evening to set up a semi final clash against Crystal Palace at Wembley, but as it stands the there won’t be a single Chelsea fan in the house.

The sanctions placed on the club as property of Roman Abramovich mean that they can’t currently sell any tickets at all, although with almost a month until this semi is played, there’s plenty of time to organise a suitable solution. While it’s important to ensure that no money goes to Abramovich, it’s damaging for the FA, for both clubs, for the spectacle of the match and for the competition in general if the stadium is half empty, or full of just Palace fans.

The Evening Standard report that there are “daily talks” between the club and the government as they try to straighten things out, and this is top of their list of priorities.